AID Courses

The Ambassadors Institute of Divinity offers courses in Biblical Study.

Take a look at the AID Course Listings:

General Biblical Studies

  • PLS: Personal Life Support (Designed to give leaders help to stay afloat in ministry)
  • KC: Kingdom Commonwealth (Finances for Kingdom Purpose)
  • The Five Fold Ministry (A look at Kingdom Offices and heavenly structure)
  • Purpose by Design (Learning your purpose through life’s struggles)
  • The Names of God (Defining the characteristics of God)
  • Leadership 101
  • SG101: Spiritual Gifts 101
  • SDP: Spiritual Warfare Deliverance & Prayer

Studies of Concentration

Prophecy Related Courses

LEVEL 1: General Prophetic Studies

P101 (G) General: A Look at the Gift & Operation of Prophecy

P102 (DV) Dreams & Visions-God’s Language of Clarity

P103 (TSA) The Seer Anointing

P104 (TS) The Scribe

LEVEL 2: The School of the Prophets

-All Courses from Level 1

-Prophetic Boot Camp

-Types of Prophets

-Exploring Your prophetic assignment

-The Office of the Prophet/Prophetic Lifestyles

-Types of Prophecy: Impartation, the Spirit of Prophecy

LEVEL 3: Masterclass in Prophecy

In order to take the Master Class, Students must have taken both Level 1 & Level 2 of Prophecy OR pass an aptitude test which omits the need for Level 1. More specific criteria will be given to students who express interest in the Masterclass.

-Local & National Prophecy Forums

-Discussion of Prophetic Assignments of Biblical Prophets

-Prophetic Drills

-Prophetic Signs & Symbols of the Bible

-And many other prophetic topics

GAC: God’s Ambassadors Curriculum

The God’s Ambassadors Curriculum is designed to train, equip & dispatch ministers in the 5-Fold Ministry.

The main curriculum is designed for foundational teachings such as:

What is an Ambassador?



Sermon & Teaching Structuring.

Here are the courses included in the GAC Curriculum:

  • GAC (God’s Ambassadors Curriculum) Full Course
  • Leadership 101
  • Five Fold Specific Courses (Learner chooses ONE): AD (Apostle’s Development), SOP (School of the Prophets), EEC (Effective Evangelist Course), PP (Pastoral Preparation), TET (Training Effective Teachers)
  • SDP (Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance & Prayer)
  • KC (Kingdom Commonwealth)
  • SG101 (Spiritual Gifts 101)

The Divinity of Christ

This course is designed to reassure the faith of Born Again Believers of the deity and sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will learn how to display apologetics on this subject and defend the doctrine of what you believe.

This course will cover such topics as:

  • The Era before Christ (AKA The Dark Ages)
  • The immaculate conception & Birth of the Savior
  • The Early Life & Ministry of Christ
  • The transfiguration of Christ
  • The Death burial and resurrection of Christ
  • The Pre-Ascension Period
  • The Ascension of Christ
  • Christ in His majesty

Media & Marketing for Ministry

The Media & Marketing for Ministry Course helps church & ministry leaders design marketing plans that get results. Not only will you design a plan to spread the word about what you are doing for the kingdom, you will also learn tactics and strategies to help grow and enhance your ministry’s presence.

Whether you plan to market in your local area, or through social media, we assist you in making all of your marketing dreams come true!

Topics covered in this course:

  • Package your new and existing content for mass distribution
  • Create Social Media Campaigns
  • Develop appealing Social Media content
  • Marketing/Media & Your Ministry’s future
  • Connecting to your audience across platforms
  • Packaging Your ministry
  • Structuring your online presence
  • Determining methods and strategies that work

The Apostles’ Creed

The course on the Apostles’ Creed is designed to help Born again believers take a brief look at the early believers statement of Christian beliefs.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Each section of the Apostle’s Creed
  • How to affirm our belief in the trinity
  • The Historical value of the Creed
  • The basis of this creed as derived from the Gospels

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