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Here is what students are saying about the Ambassadors Institute of Divinity…

Tammy Sadler (Ohio)

Student (Course Taken: Prophecy 101)

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take this class. I’ve learned so much and it was great to meet others who had the same gift as myself. I assumed the course would be a struggle, but with the help and guidance of Apostle Audrea Heard, she made the teaching easy to understand.

She touched on the gifts of the Spirit and the best part about the course is I learned how to use my gift in the proper way for the glory of God. Being in the comfort of other prophetic people gave me the confidence to use my gift the way God intended. I am grateful to have been a part of this learning experience and I look forward to the next class!

Leslie M. Stevens (Ohio)

Student (Course Taken: Leadership 101)

Leadership 101 gives you the spiritual and practical road map you need to be an effective leader in every area of your life.

This course allowed me to learn more about myself, and it also helped me craft my leadership style according to my personality.

The instructor provided valuable material that I have been able to reference even after the course was completed. For anyone looking for God centered, hands on, informative and life changing experiences, this is definitely a course for you!

AlyceAnn Crump (Illinois)

Student (Course Taken: Prophecy 101)

The instructor for the class I took was organized, well prepared and seemed to enjoy teaching the class.

I enjoyed the classroom setting, as it was open for me to ask questions and the content was easy to understand. Apostle Audrea V. Heard is an excellent teacher!

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