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Crossroads: God’s Road Map for Entrepreneurs

is a book designed to help Born Again Believers find God’s Plan for their Business. It is written to express the 15 Marks of the Kingdom Blueprint, How to find your flowing streams of income all while submitting to the process that God has for your Entrepreneurial Journey.

Join Audrea as she exposes her journey in Entrepreneurship and walks you to the path of your God ordained success!

Available on Kindle or Paperback

The Vow: A Woman’s Pledge of Self-Love

The Vow Was crafted in the Personal Prayer time of Audrea V. Heard.

As she wrote in her journal, she realized she needed to take control of not just her relationships, but other areas of her life. It was after sharing her vows with a friend that she decided to make these vows public.

“The Vow” promises to be a Journey that will cause you to look at your life from a different perspective, causing others to see you as you see your self.

Peace in Broken Places: Exposing Lies & Toxic Ties

Peace in Broken Places is a real solid look at the relationships that develop in our lives when we experience times of weakness and brokenness.

Discover the 12 signs of toxic relationships and how to break free from those ties! Must read for those who want to experience freedom in their life through relationships.

Lyrical Promises: Poetry & Prayers from the Father

Lyrical Promises is a collection of poems, prayers and words of encouragement from our Father, God.

Audrea began writing these poems in the year 1998 as a form of therapy, now she is excited to release them as a published work! Allow God to take you on a journey of hope, healing and understanding for His purpose over your life!

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